• Diversity of thought, ethnicity, and background makes a good community better. Be part of our great community! We help you transition to University, support you during your studies, and help prepare you for your career. Visit campus. Take in a class. Ask us all the questions you want. With more than 120 academic programs to choose from, there's a lot to learn! The University of Regina is a welcoming place for all. Join the effort to create a world where everyone feels accepted and safe. Come be part of our diverse and inclusive learning community. From loft-style to four-bedroom apartments, we offer seriously awesome accommodations for your life on campus. Words and actions have consequences. Let’s speak and act out of a place of respect with everyone we encounter. Study and make friends with students from 90+ countries in a world-class academic environment. Imagine the world as your classroom and research with the power to change that world. That's your U of R!

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    Feature Stories

    President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Vianne Timmons receives honorary degree

    University of Calgary celebrates Dr. Timmons for making higher education more accessible, supportive, and inclusive for all Read more...

    Celebrating Dr. Jim Tomkins’ 50 years of service to the University of Regina

    From professor to president to chancellor – Dr. Jim Tomkins to step down as U of R’s eighth Chancellor Read more...

    Generous Lochhead family gift brings Ken Lochhead art collection home to U of R

    One of the largest collections by Regina Five artist Ken Lochhead — valued at $716,000 — now at U of R Read more...

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